Although the Trefor beach is currently known as a great place to go surfing, the harbor was formally known as a hub for exporting granite quarried from the Yr Eifl mountains to Europe.

Today, the beach is popular with locals, families and visitors and offers excellent views of the north coast Llyn Peninsula and tranquil water. The beach offers an excellent range of amenities and activities for visitors who want to take a break from physical activities like mountain walking and relaxation.


Trefor Beach is located a short drive from Trefor, a village in Gwynedd, Wales, with a population of slightly more than a thousand people. It is about a 10 to 15 minutes stroll from Pen Hendre. It is set in front of the little fishing village of Trefor and has a spectacular backdrop of the Snowdonia Mountains.

The beach is a mix of small pebbles and sand and is well protected by the surrounding headlands. However, strong winds still blow from the North West side of the beach.

The water from the sea backs on to land made of boulder clay and dates back to the last glaciation. The beach also has a spectacular pier that stretches about 200 metres into the sea and is commonly used by the local fishermen. The pier is not always open. Sometimes it’s closed for renovation.


Although the beach only extends about 100 yards wide, with two free parking areas, it is awash with exciting and relaxing activities that you can try. It’s also an excellent place to be if you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful experience.

Boating is the most common activity here. So much so that there is a boat ramp to make it easier to access the sea for both locals and visitors.

Fishing is also quite popular. You will even find fishermen still operating out of the harbour. Or, try your hand at crabbing and fishing from the harbour wall. Alternatively, you could also go for a swim and walk over to the headland and down to the West End of the beach to soak in the fantastic views of this stretch of the Peninsula.

Outside the harbour wall, you can see big swells of waves running, making this a great surfing spot which is quickly growing. However, this isn’t an ideal spot for beginners but offers quite the thrill for experienced suffers.

When swimming and surfing, you should note that there is no lifeguard service on the beach. Only experienced swimmers, surfers and boat riders should take part in the activities here.

Other points of interest around the beach include the Church of St Beuno, a part of the Pilgrims’ route going all the way to Bardsey Island over the western tip of the Peninsula.


What makes Trefor Beach stand out is the fact that dogs are allowed at all times. That gives visitors and families to bring their pets along for fun.

You will also find toilets and a slipway and free parking available next to the beach. There is car and foot access to the beach. There is a boat ramp for those coming to enjoy some boat riding that makes it easy to set your boat into the water.

If you’re interested in taking a walk, there are wildlife and walks with stunning scenery. The North Wales Wildlife Trust’s Ceaau Tan y Bwich reserve is not that far, and you can also make it to the Snowdonia Nation Park on the east. If you have some time to spare or you leave the beach early, you can also pay a visit to Anglesey, which is not far either.

Unfortunately, there are no restaurants or eateries close to the beach. It’s best to organise some snacks to eat if you get hungry, especially if you’re accompanied by children.

Water Quality

Unfortunately, water quality samples are not taken from this beach because it’s not designated as bathing water, and there is no voluntary sampling. As such, it’s best not to swim in the water despite swimming being one of the popular activities at the beach.

Final Thoughts

Trefor Beach is not one of the greatest or most famous beaches in the world. But it is a quiet little hideout that’s not often flocked by many people and offers all the little things that make you appreciate nature.

There are numerous fun, family-friendly and exciting activities you can try out, and there’s a vast range of wildlife reserves near the park. You can take a walk to take in the scenic views around the beach, and the world-famous Snowdonia Mountains are not far off.