10 Best Things to do in Llanberis

Better known as Snowdon’s Village, Llanberis, is a town filled beautiful scenery perfect for mountain walkers. It is situated at the foot of Snowdon and sits between Lake Llyn Padarn and Llyn Peris.

If you’re in the mood for some adventurous activities, some gentle mountain walking, and some sight-seeing, there’s plenty that you can do in Llanberis. In case you get hungry during your escapades, there are some excellent restaurants and cafés here as well.

  1. Snowdon Mountain Railway

Given your love for conquering mountains, it’s only fair that your first activity will be mountain-related.

The Snowdon Mountain railway is historic and happens to be the first-ever popular mountain railway. It has been carrying tourists to the summit of the mountain for over a century in the 5-mile trip to the top of Mount Snowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales.

The rail service is a busy one, particularly around the Easter weekend, so you have to make sure you double-check the dates before arrival. The train ride drags slowly but excitingly as you shift your focus to the scenic surroundings and the history of the mountain.

  1. Electric Mountain

Still sticking to mountains, the second must-do activity in Llanberis is seeing the electric mountain. There are several mountains in the region that have hydroelectric power plants tucked inside of them, but none offers the same experience as the Electric Mountain.

The hydroelectric power plant built inside this mountain was commissioned by Prince Charles in 1984. It has grown to become a critical addition to the energy supply for the locals and the UK at large.

During your trip, you will not only get to learn about this historic power plant but be one with the mountain, taking in the rugged scenes and sink your mountain walking boots into the slopes of the mountain. It’s an exhilarating and educational trip.

  1. Tour the Lake

When you’re in the mood for some gentle and quiet walk on the lakeshore, Llyn Padarn has excellent shores for that gently walk.

If you’re looking for the next challenge to overcome, it’s worth noting that you can lap around the lake in about three hours at an average pace. During your walk around, you can enjoy the numerous delightful spots and take a break to enjoy the breath-taking views of the mountains and valleys beyond.

Given the scenic views from the shore, it’s important not to get too fixated on the time you take to complete the lap but more on the exceptional scenery, which is not something you get to enjoy every day.

Another way to tour this lake is through the Llanberis Lake Railway, covering the 5 miles of shoreline. Some of the views you can enjoy as you tour the lake include Mount Snowdon, Electric Mountain, and Dolbadarn Castle.

The railway hosts various family-friendly events every year, including a special Father’s Day trip and Easter Egg Hunt. You might want to check if there are any special events being hosted before you visit and book beforehand.

  1. Surf-Lines and High Ropes

For a more adventurous and adrenalin-pumping experience, look no further than the surf-lines. These incorporate an incredible amount of activities that include canoeing, climbing, coasteering, and kayaking.

You can choose to have a one-off activity or pick a tailor-made day where you get to enjoy a select group of activities. The activities are designed to be suitable for all groups and abilities.

There’s also the option of tinkering with the high ropes and ladders at Padarn Country Park. The high ropes and ladders is a course that tests your wit and sense of adventure while instilling some learning all at the same time.

There are two levels of the course. In the under eight course, you get to enjoy a lot of balancing, jumping, and swinging courses at just 1.5m off the ground. This is perfect for novices and those concerned about height.

For the strong-willed and risk-takers, the eight and upwards is your course. You get to do the same activities while testing your nerves at incredibly high heights, which makes this an excellent activity when you’re looking for an adrenalin rush!

  1. Visit Dolbadarn Castle

Did you know there are 600 castles in Wales? The Dolbadarn Castle stands out as the most picturesque in Wales. Its sturdy tower still stands strong, held together by the thick walls. If that’s not enough to convince you to visit this monumental castle, how about the fact that it is within a short walking distance of the Royal Victoria?

The castle is popular among photographers who prefer to take its photos from the landward side, making it appear as if it’s watching over the glacial lake of Llyn Padarn. It makes for an excellent postcard that you can send back to family and friends.

The castle is surrounded by scenic views with mountains on the backdrop and plenty of green. It’s a nice place to appreciate the beauty that Llanberis has to offer.

  1. Water Fall Walk

One of the reasons why the Dolbadarn Castle is a must-visit is because you can combine it with another exciting activity – the waterfall walk.

You can head down to the Snowdon Mountain Railway station and start a walk to Llanberis Falls from the castle. You can actually see the falls from the railway Viaduct.

Upon reaching the location of the falls, you will be greeted by the magnificent two-stage falls of Ceunant Mawr, which are over one hundred feet high cumulatively. You will have about half a mile of gentle walking ground with the other half mile somewhat challenging. The management was kind enough to put up a signpost of the footpath.

For the full experience and view of the falls, make your way to the observation point but leave enough time to make the trip down the hill back to Llanberis.

  1. Visit the National Slate Museum

The National Slate Museum is the perfect place to learn about the history of Welsh slate mining. The museum is open all year round with free entry. It’s housed in the buildings of the Dinorwig quarry, which was closed in 1969.

The visit here is a like time-machine that transports you back in time with nostalgic interiors and walls that look as if they have just been laid, and the workers have just completed their shift. Once you complete your walkaround of the museum and have soaked as much information as possible, you can step outside and enjoy the spectacular landscape that is synonymous with this region, and while at it, you can catch a glimpse of the Elidir Mountain.

  1. Take Walks

With the stunning landscape and scenery that Llanberis has to offer, you can never take enough walks. Luckily, there are numerous and incredible walks around the area, and you should take advantage of every single one of them.

If you’re pressed for time, guided walks are the best way to tailor your experience while enjoying the best and most stunning views and scenes. Alternatively, you can try the various walking routes available and gather your own experience.

It’s essential to research the routes and pick the ones that have been tried and tested before, especially during the wet season. Some of the routes can become impassable and overrun by rivers and streams, and it’s also easy to get lost in this vast and beautiful land.

Some walks include a treasure hunt. If you love yourself one, it could be a great way to enjoy the scenery while adding some bit of adventure and fun to your walk.

  1. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking allows you to give your walking legs a break and cover more ground. Some forests and woodlands like Beddgelert and Gwydyr have been kind enough to have walks and cycle paths that are up to 21km long from Llanberis. These allow you to cycle around the most scenic spots.

One of the best places to stroll with your bike and often referred to as the “mountain biking heaven” is the Coed-Y-Brenin. It’s just north of the Dolgellau forest and has various routes.

Here, you can find biking routes for beginners and more advanced routes if you’re up to the challenge. The most fantastic part about mountain biking here is that it’s free to get in, and there are rental bikes available if you can’t bring your own.

For a more premium experience, there’s the Antur Stiniog, which has four trails, all of which are paid for and best suited for advanced riders. Both riding routes have cafés and picnic tables in case you get hungry, and there are plenty of other activities, including walking routes that you can try out.

  1. Visit Padarn Country Park

Most of the activities we have mentioned are in Padarn Country Park. But the 800-acre park is so expansive it’s unfair to cover it by highlighting a few of its strong points.

The Padarn Country Park offers something for every mountain lover and adventure-seeking visitor. Its expansive range of attractions includes most of the ones mentioned above as well as board rides, a diving, and water sports centre, walking trails, family cycling parks, the Vivien Quarry, launching and landing pontoons for rowing and sailing boats and canoes, nature reserves and the Quarry hospital.

When you’re looking for that quiet evening reminiscing about the beautiful scenes you’ve come across during the day, you can take a fishing trip on the lake.

Whether you’re looking to break a sweat or get wet, the park has something to offer. While here, you can also enjoy various amenities which include shops and workshops and parking.

Before visiting the park, ensure you’re conversant with the policies especially if you would like to walk the trails. It’s best to book some of the activities prior to your visit like diving and fishing, to make sure they are available when you get there.

The Takeaway

Visiting Llanberis is easily one of the best things any mountain walker could do. There are plenty of activities you can take part in, and there are lots of new things and adventures that you can pick up. With such an impressive collection of activities and experiences, Llanberis promises to be an excellent destination for individuals and families.

Although mountain walkers and lovers stand to appreciate what Llanberis offers, there’s plenty for other visitors to see and enjoy and probably even join the bustling mountain walkers community.