Pyg Track Walking Route Guide

The Pyg Track is one of the most popular routes to get to the summit of Snowdon and is successfully and enjoyably taken by thousands of people every year. Although it is technically quite easy, it is still a long walk up the highest mountain in Wales so you should always ensure that you have the right equipment and check the weather before you start your journey.

The Pyg Track Route

  1. The route to the Pyg Track starts in the corner of the Pen Y Pass car park. There are 2 paths out of the car park and you need to ensure that you take the path that heads in the direction of Llanberis with small peaks immediately to your left. If you go through a wrought iron gate, you have gone along the path to the Miners Track.
  2. As you leave the carpark, you will head up a path and go through a small gap in the wall. This route is well laid out and now winds for roughly 1 hour. Although it’s a well defined path, there are some sections that require care as you climb over rocks. In icy conditions, this section can be very slippery and in all conditions care should be taken to make sure you have proper footing as the ground is very uneven. As you climb the path the view in front of you is down towards Llanberis along the glacial valley that was carved out millennia ago.
  3. At the top of this first section, you cross a brow and the view to Llyn Llydaw opens up. This junction is called and Bwlch y Moch and is the start of the Pyg Track. There is a sign here to Crib Goch which is a route along knife edge arête and should only be taken by experienced walkers. At this junction take the path slightly to the left of Crib Goch and head over a stile. As you look to the left you will see Llyn Llydaw down below.
  4. Carry on along this well marked path for another 45 minutes or so until you reach a very distinguishable land mark. It is a large area of very smooth rock that slopes down to your left. This path on this smooth section is not marked but you can clearly see where the path begins again at the other side. It is here that you are approximately half way up the mountain and care must be taken as his smooth section can be deceptively slippery underfoot, especially when wet or icy.
  5. The path continues rising steadily with spectacular views until you reach the intersection with Miners Track. This intersection is marked by a finger post with Glaslyn down below on your left and the summit of Snowdon ahead and to the left of you.
  6. It is at this intersecting point that the path becomes much steeper. Continue heading up the path to the next section which zig zags up to Bwlch Glas. Once at Bwlch Glas, you will crest a brown and join the Llanberis path for the remainder of the ascent. This section is easily recognisable because when you get to the top, there is a large finger stone to signify the junction. Whereas before your views would have been towards Snowdon itself, now, at Bwlch Glas, your view opens up to the valley below with the Irish sea in the distance. Turn left at this junction and follow the well marked path upwards next to a set of train tracks. It is these tracks that the Snowdon Mountain Railway runs on so be very careful for trains.
  7. The final section takes another 20 minutes and is a steady walk up followed by a final, very steep ascent to the summit where you will see the Snowdon trig point.
  8. Once at the summit, you will be rewarded with 360 degree views from the highest point in Wales.
  9. It is worth noting that, as you descend from the summit, you can turn off to the right at the finger stone mentioned in point 5. This route will take you down to Glaslyn where you can carry on your walk back to Pen Y Pass car park along the Miners Track. It is slightly longer but a stunning alternative walk back.

How long does it take to climb the Pyg Track?

Climbing to the summit of Snowdon and back via the Pyg Track should take between 5 and 7 hours. Of course, this depends on many factors including weather and fitness but importantly, the biggest contributing factor to how long it takes to climb Pyg Track is how long you stop to admire the breath taking views.

How far is the walk up Snowdon using the Pyg Track?

The distance from start to summit and back to the start of the Pyg Track is approximately 7 miles in total and includes an ascent of roughly 730 metres (2,400ft). Bear in mind though that this is 7 miles of long mountain walk and can be quite challenging.

How difficult is it to climb the Pyg Track?

Although the Pyg Track is laid out along a path, there are parts where you will need to climb using your hands. It is not a technically difficult walk but it is very long and uphill and can be tricky in places for those who do not have the correct experience of equipment.