Route guide to Snowdon Miners Track

Miners track is a beautiful scenic walk around some of the lakes of Snowdon before reaching Glaslyn and ascending to meet the Pyg Track. The first part of the walk is very easy and straightforward before turning into a very steep and rocky climb for the final ascent. As with any walk, you should ensure you have the right equipment and supplies and check the weather before setting off

The Miners Track Route

  1. The Miners Track path starts in the bottom corner of the Pen Y Pass car park. There are 2 paths out of the car park – one leading to Miners Track and the other leading to Pyg Track. The Miners Track path begins with a wrought iron gate and is a very wide path. If you don’t leave the car park via a wrought iron gate, you have started down the wrong path.
  2. The walk along the path shows views of the Gwynant valley to the left and as you walk, you will see in front of you the entire Snowdon Horseshoe – Y Lliwedd, Snowdon, Crib Goch.
  3. On the left, you will see a pipeline leading away down the valley. This pipeline takes water from Llyn Llydaw down to the oldest power station in Britain located in the Gwynant valley.
  4. When you get to a fork near Llyn Llydaw, take the right fork and you will eventually come upon a path crossing the lake. This pathway was built so that horses and wagons carrying copper from the mine could shorten their journey to Pen Y Pass. Before the path was built, horses and wagons used to ferry across the great lake, laden with copper on wooden rafts.
  5. After you cross the lake, you follow the path along past the old ruins of the old mill before climbing steeply to Glaslyn.
  6. As you walk around Glaslyn, you will see the summit of Snowdon towering above you and even though the summit is only a short distance away there is an awful lot of ascending to do to get to the summit.
  7. At the edge of Glaslyn, you will see the path that takes you up to meet the Pyg Track up and to your right. Great care should be taken on this part of the route because the path is loose scree and can be very slippery. Climb up over the scree and follow the path until you get to a finger post marking the junction with the Pyg Track.
  8. It is here that you will follow the Pyg Track for the next part of the walk to the summit. Continue heading up the path to the next section which turns into a zig zag up to Bwlch Glas. When you get to Bwlch Glas, you will cross over a brow and join the Llanberis path for the remainder of the ascent. Whereas before your views would have been towards Snowdon itself, now, at Bwlch Glas, your view opens up to the valley below. Turn left at this junction and follow the well marked path upwards next to a set of train tracks. It is these tracks that the Snowdon Mountain Railway runs on so be very careful for trains.
  9. The final section takes another 20 minutes and is a steady walk up followed by a final, very steep ascent to the summit where you will see the Snowdon trig point.
  10. Once at the summit, you will be rewarded with 360 degree views from the highest point in Wales.

How long does it take to climb Miners Track?

Ascending Snowdon via Miners Track will take between 6 and 7 hours. The initial stage is relatively easy and straight forward but the final approach is much steeper and rockier requiring more care and attention. It is a beautiful walk though around some spectacular lakes and can be enjoyed as a strenuous walk out without doing the final ascent up to the Pyg Track.

How far is the walk up Snowdon using Miners Track?

The distance from start to summit and back to the start of the Miners Track is approximately 8 miles in total and includes an ascent of roughly 730 metres (2,400ft)

How difficult is it to climb Miners Track?

Miners Track itself is a very well laid out and straightforward path. It has some steep parts but in the main it is just a strenuous, hilly walk. To get to the summit of Snowdon though, the final section is a long ascent from Miners to join the Pyg Track (which is very steep and rocky) before ascending again to join the Llanberis Path. There is some scree in places and care should be taken to avoid injury.