Rhyd Ddu Route Guide – Snowdon

The path from Rhyd Ddu train station to the summit of Snowdon is not as well known as some of the other routes and for this reason it is a much quieter walk offering some amazing views of this spectacular mountain. If you want to reach the summit without passing lots of other people while still getting breath taking views, the path from Rhyd Ddu is for you.

The Rhyd Ddu route

  1. From the Rhyd Ddu train station car park, go past the public toilets and head towards the gate at the end of the car park. Go through the gate and cross the train track and follow the path. You will shortly pass the round remains of the old powder house for the Ffridd Slate Quarry.
  2. Shortly, the path forks and you need to take the right hand track heading up past the vehicle barrier. If you arrive at Ffridd Isaf Farm, you have taken the wrong fork. As you carry on along the path, you will pass the remains of Ffridd Slate Quarry.
  3. Carry on along the path until you reach a gate near a shed. Go through this gate and the path will bend to the left and climb towards Pen ar Lôn before arriving at 2 gates.
  4. After passing through the 2 gates, look for a standing stone and a gate on the left hand side of the track. Go through the gate and follow this path to another gate next to some sheep pens.
  5. After the sheep pens, the path will start to climb more steeply and will become much rockier. Eventually, you will arrive at the ruins of a stone hut and carry on until you cross another gate. You will now be crossing the shoulder of Llechog ridge and you should follow the path to the right heading towards the ridge.
  6. This path will continue along a long and rocky incline and shortly, you will see both the summit and the café in the distance.
  7. Carry on through a gate in a stone wall and up the path as it zig zags it’s way towards the summit. The path will begin to narrow and care should be taken to avoid the steep slopes.
  8. Shortly, a path form the right will join which means that you are now on ‘Bwlch Main’ or ‘Narrow Pass’. This section is a very steep and requires attention to ensure you don’t injure yourself slip off onto one of the slopes below.
  9. As you continue up Bwlch Main, you will see the Watkin path joining from the right marked with a standing stone. From here, it is a short but rocky final ascent to the summit where, on a clear day, the views stretch as far as Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

How long does it take to walk the Rhyd Ddu path?

Rhyd Ddu is certainly not the easiest path up Snowdon but it is not the most strenuous either and it can easily be completed in approximately 5-6 hours. Of course, this depends on your fitness, the weather and how many times you stop to take in the breath taking views.

How far is the Rhyd Ddu path?

From start to finish (as in back to where you started) the walk is approximately 8.5 miles with a total ascent of nearly 900 meters.

How difficult is Rhyd Ddu?

Rhyd Ddu has some very easy, well laid out paths but there are parts of the walk that come close to some very steep and high drops. It is achievable with the right equipment and some caution in places where there is a risk of ankle injury.