Once in a while, even the most avid walkers want to take a break from strenuous walks and take a path that is easy and allows them to focus on relaxing and taking in the scenery.

Lake District is not mainly known for its low-level walks. In fact, the region has some lofty fells that involve steep climbs. But it also has some well-kept, gorgeous low-level walks that are not too difficult and are the safest bet when you want to take out your boots, but the weather isn’t the best.

Here are some of the best easy walks you can take on a morning or afternoon at Lake District:

  1. Orrest head

Orrest head is a path located in Windermere. The path is 2.25 km and should take you about 40 minutes both ways. The elevation of the path is about 108m. It’s short, but the incline is continuous.

The Orrest Head path offers amazing views of Windermere and is perfect for walkers looking for a short walk to start or end their day.

The starting point of the walk is the Windermere town centre. Surprisingly, the hardest part of the walk is not the walk itself, but rather in finding a car parking space.

  1. Grasmere Lake Loop

This 5Km loop is mainly flat with an elevation of 82m, most of which can be avoided. It’s almost unbelievable that you can find such a flat walk in Lake District and even more so one with fantastic views all through.

You might have to prepare for some road walking, but the roads here are quiet and charming, so you don’t have to worry about traffic. Some areas to look out for during the walk include the White Moss Wood and the lake itself. You will also be happy to know that the path is in excellent shape throughout. You don’t have to worry about the footing.

  1. Tarn Hos Loop

The Tarn Hos Loop is located near Hawkshead and Coniston. The path is 2.74Km long and takes about 35 minutes to complete. The walk has a slight and gradual gradient with an elevation of about 72m.

The highlights of the Tarn Hows Loop are the reflections in the tarn that make the entire walk absolutely beautiful and incredibly peaceful. The best time to take this walk is in the late afternoon when most of the visitors have left, and you have the well-maintained gravel paths and golden sun rays all to yourself.

  1. Aira Force Waterfall

This 35-minute walk is located near Ullswater in Matterdale. It has an elevation of only 60m, but only if you take the upper staircase if you want to see the falls from above.

The powerful waterfall is the main reason why most walkers take this path. It is a sight to behold and an excellent chance to see some of the animals around here, like the red squirrels. It’s not always easy to get to a pretty spot, but this is one of those rare occasions where you don’t have to work hard for stunning views.

  1. Helm Crag

A portion of the Helm Crag route has a steep section. This is from the wood to the summit. But the rest of the section is flat. It’s a great route for walkers looking for a slightly longer route with a bit of a challenge. The route takes about two hours to complete and is 6.6km long.

It might take some effort to get to the summit, but the magnificent views are worth every ounce of sweat you shed to get to the peak.

  1. Friar’s Crag Keswick

If you’re looking for a break from the thrill of tackling challenging walks and want to enjoy a gentle stroll, you have to try out the Friar’s Crag walk. The walk starts at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. It’s a quick 15-minute walk with stunning views along Derwentwater all the way to the Jaws of Borrowdale.

If you still have time on your plate, you can decide to extend the walk and wander along the neighbouring Strandshag Bay or circle around to Cockshot Wood.

  1. Aira Force

The Aira Force walk starts at the Watermillock Church. It’s a high vantage point which means you start by seeing the spectacular views from the outset. The path is clearly defined and leads towards the Aira Force waterfall.

During the walk, you can catch the jaw-dropping views of Ullswater and the surrounding fells. You can turn back the same way you came and enjoy the views one more time on your way back. This is a fantastic walk for beginners and lovers of nature.

  1. Kentmere Reservoir Walk

This is another short but rewarding walk that starts at the Kentmere Village. The path is properly signposted, with a public footpath towards the reservoir. The route straddles River Kent providing a relaxing ascent close to the Kentmere Reservoir. At the reservoir, you can choose to follow the path in either direction to take more views of the tranquil waters and the surrounding fells.

  1. Boat ride and walk along Coniston Water

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic landscape around Coniston is from the Coniston Water itself. What makes this walk unique is the fact that it squeezes in a boat ride. You can decide to take a walk or take a trip on the Coniston Launch.

You can take the Coniston Launch at the Coniston Jetty, the Sunny Bank, or Torver jetties. This is an amazing walk if you want a relaxing walk with the least effort.

  1. Ennerdale Water Walk

Low-levels walks can be calming and immersive. You can quickly lose track of time and find yourself walking for hours as you take in the surrounding beauty. That’s what the Ennerdale Water Walk is about.

It’s longer than most of the paths we’ve looked at already, but it’s easy. Walkers that opt for this route are rewarded with the stunning backdrops of the Ennerdale Water, the most remote bodies of water.

There are golden opportunities for solitude and serenity during this walk, even during the most popular seasons. During the walk, you will also get an opportunity to see Pillar Mountain, among other stunning features.