Llanberis Path route guide to the summit of Snowdon

The Llanberis Path is possibly the most popular route up to the summit of Snowdon. It’s a long and winding, well laid out path makes getting to the top of Wales’ highest peak more of an enjoyable walk than some of the more extreme routes and whilst it is the longest of the main routes, it is also the most gradual.

The route up Llanberis Path

  1. Begin your walk up the highest mountain in Wales by heading towards the Royal Victoria Hotel in Llanberis. Opposite the hotel, you will see Victoria Terrace. Carry on along Victoria Terrace to the gate at the end of the road and over the cattle grid.
  2. Here the road rises steeply and past a café on the right. Carry on along this road through a farmyard until the road turns into a path on the left signed ‘Llanberis Path’.
  3. Carry on the path as it climbs until eventually running alongside the Snowdon Mountain Railway. As you continue along the path, you will walk under the railway itself and now, as you climb, the railway will be on your right hand side.
  4. Soon, you will come to the half way house which is a little known café open only in summer months where you can stop and get refreshments. It is wise to stop and take a break here as from now, the path rises more steeply to the summit.
  5. Continue up the path until you reach a fork which signifies the base of Allt Moses. At this point, keep left and continue up the path until you go under the railway tracks again next to Clogwyn station.
  6. As you continue up the path, you will get to a standing stone which marks the junction where the Snowdon Ranger path meets the Llanberis path.
  7. From here, carry on up along the path until you reach a large standing stone signalling the junction of the Pyg Track. When you get to the standing stone, carry on up the path keeping the railway on your right. Be careful not to venture too far to the left of the path as the drops here are significant and the wind at this height can suddenly blow and catch you off guard.
  8. The visitor centre and train station will soon come into sight as you climb closer toward the summit where you can expect to see views stretching to Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man on clear days.

How long does it take to walk up the Llanberis path?

The Llanberis path is the longest route up Snowdon and should be possible to get to the top and back in approximately 6-7 hours. It is also the least extreme meaning that it is possible to achieve your goal of reaching the summit of Wales’ highest peak relatively easily. Although the Llanberis path is a well laid out route, all routes should only be undertaken with the correct equipment suitable for the weather on the day.

How far is the Llanberis path?

The Llanberis path is approximately 9.5 miles from start to top and back again meaning that although it’s an achievable walk for most, it is still a very long walk and, as with any mountain walk, you should have the correct equipment and check the weather before setting off.

How difficult is the Llanberis Path?

Although the Llanberis Path is the easiest of the main routes up Snowdon, it is still a walk to the top of the highest mountain in all of Wales meaning that care and the correct equipment should be taken. It is one of the easiest routes to follow up Snowdon though because of the well laid out path from Llanberis centre and it’s a popular route so there are always people along the route to follow to the summit.


The Llanberis path is often seen as the easiest route up Snowdon however it’s still nearly 10 miles long upto the summit of the highest peak in Wales so, if you complete this walk, you can certainly be proud that you’ve managed a challenging route. The path is well laid out and clear and there are always people going up and down so you should have no difficulty finding your way. Coupled with this, the train runs along the path for a good distance so as well as following the wide path, you can also follow the train tracks.

It is also the only path out of the 7 main routes up Snowdon that stats in Llanberis centre so if you want a walk that has a facilities at the start and end, it’s definitely one of the best.