Height of Snowdon in feet

Snowdon stands at an impressive 3,560 feet tall which not only makes it the tallest peak in Wales, but outside of Scotland, also makes it the highest mountain in the British Isles. Being so tall, the views are impressive and on clear days, the view from the summit includes England, Scotland and Ireland as well as the Isle of Man. Legend has it that the mountain is only as tall as it is because of the giant that is buried beneath the summit.

Height of Snowdon in metres

In meters, Snowdon is 1,085m tall which makes it the tallest mountain in Wales and in terms of prominence (the measure of a summits independent height), it is joint 3rd in the British Isles. Because it is the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon is one of the mountains completed in the national 3 Peaks Challenge which includes Ben Nevis in Scotland and Scafel Pike in England.

Snowdon Height Chart Comparison

The changing height of Snowdon

Over time, our thoughts on the height of Snowdon have changed as our ability to accurately measure the height of mountains has improved. In the late 1600’s, it was thought that Snowdon was 3,720ft (1,130m) and this measurement has been adjusted recently to reflect our more accurate ways to measure the height of mountains.

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