What is the easiest route up Snowdon?

By far, the technically easiest route up Snowdon is the Llanberis Path. This is a steady path along the entire route with little to no difficult sections. That being said though, it is also the longest so although it is technically the easiest, it is difficult in its distance and to complete it and get to the summit is still a huge achievement.

What is the hardest route up Snowdon?

Out of the routes listed here, the most technically difficult route up Snowdon is Crib Goch. This grade one scramble is very dangerous and is not to be attempted by inexperienced climbers. It is the place on Snowdon where the most fatalities occur and is a knife edged rock arête with large drops to either side and little room to pass other walkers. Although it is the most dangerous, it is also the most exhilarating and on clear days, has views all along the Snowdon horseshoe.

How difficult is the Watkin path?

The Watkin path is second only in difficulty to Crib Goch. The path has some tough sections with scrambles on it however it is certainly achievable with the correct equipment. As with all mountain walks, care must be taken to avoid injury. You can find a full route guide here.

How difficult is the Llanberis path?

The Llanberis Path is the easiest walk up to the summit of Wales’ highest peak. It is a long and gradual path however it is still a long walk of approximately 9 miles to the summit and back so is certainly a feat of endurance. The full route for the Llanberis path is here.

How difficult is Crib Goch?

Crib Goch is tough! There is no doubt that out of these 7 routes, this is the most difficult route to the summit of Snowdon. In fact in the UK, Crib Goch is possibly the most difficult route to do that doesn’t necessitate ropes. That being said, if you’re confident and experienced, it is a must to add Crib Goch to your walking library. Don’t underestimate it though, there have been fatalities on Crib Goch because it is very dangerous and not to be undertaken lightly. If you’re thinking of attempting Crib Goch, you can find a full guide here.

How difficult is the Pyg Track?

The Pyg Track is one of the most popular routes up to the summit of Snowdon because it offers some fantastic scenery as well as being challenging. It would be very difficult to ascend Pyg without using your hands in places but it is very enjoyable and certainly doable with the right walking equipment. Click here to see the full guide to the Pyg Track.

How difficult is the Snowdon Ranger path?

The Snowdon Ranger Path has some technically challenging parts to it although experienced walkers should find it achievable without too much difficulty. The full Snowdon Ranger route is here.

How difficult is the Miners Track?

The Miners Track is split into 2 significantly different sections. The first part of the walk is along a nicely defined path between some of the lakes of Snowdon. The second part though involves a gruelling ascent over scree in some places and can be quite tricky. If you’re uncomfortable with long, steep climbs, you might want to consider the first part of the walk which is still breath taking. A detailed guide to the Miners Tranck can be found here.

How difficult is the Rhyd Ddu path?

The Rhyd Ddu path is a steady path for the most part but towards the top there is a section with steep drops and a scramble up Bwlch Main. It is an enjoyable walk but the correct walking equipment should definitely be taken to make the most of it and complete it safely. Click here to see a full Rhyd Ddu route guide.