Located in the North-East part of Wales, Flintshire is a county that offers plenty of scenic views and walking trails for anyone that pays attention to it. Some of the best walking trails in Flintshire include:

Loggerheads and Leete Path

This walk starts at the small bridge. After crossing the small bridge, you pass the information centre, café, snack bar, outdoor shop, toilets and mill. There’s a second bridge to cross leading to Leete. The path then opens up to a full-length lane. After a short distance, the path passes a series of fields. After the fields, it’s a short stroll along another lance falls. You get to cross one more river back to the leet.

From the number of rivers you cross, you can tell you will be having quite a brush with nature during this walk.

Holywell – Basingwerk Abbey – St Winefride’s Well

This one of a kind walk is packed with history and myth. The monks of Basingwerk Abbey were the first to explore the power of the stream, and their successor built the copper works and cotton mill in the region in the 18th century. The well of St Winefred drew great respect as far back as 600AD. It is rumoured that a chieftain beheaded Winefred after refusing his intentions. Her head was miraculously restored. There’s an exhibition at the well that paints a graphic picture of the same story.

The well is one of the Seven Wonders of Wales featured in a poem in the 18th century. You can get to enjoy all these and more by taking this quick walk that will also include a gift shop. It is mostly flat, ideal for children and accessible by wheelchair.

Cilcain – Moel Famau – Cilcain

For walkers looking for a strenuous and challenging route, this circular route is the best one for you. This walk starts in a small village called Cilcain. It is one of the finest uplands walks in North Wales and straddles the Flintshire, Denbighshire border.

The views from Moel Arthur across to Moel Famau are stunning from all directions. They include Merseyside, Snowdonia, as far as Cadair Idris, across Cheshire to Staffordshire and down to the Shropshire border.

The route is short and on good paths. But, it’s a steep climb to the top. The highlight of the walk is the Jubilee Tower on the summit of Moel Famau. Other features on the path include birds and wildlife.

Halkyn, Nant-Fflint and Wat’s Dirk Circular Walk

A walk-in Flintshire is never complete unless it includes walking the Clwydian Hills. That means that the other corners of this county are overlooked. This walk explores some of the underappreciated and overlooked parts of the county. It takes you through the valley of Nant-y-Fflint. The valley offers excellent views of the woods and has superb ground flora.

If you take a short detour at the beginning of the walk, you can check out the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Halkyn. Other notable features on the walk include ancient monuments, a river, wildlife, woodlands, birds and butterflies.


Flintshire walks are perfect for all levels and types of walkers. Whether you’re looking to conquer the Clwydian Hills or take a stroll in the silent Nant-y-Fflint, this quiet and picturesque county has something for you.