5 Best Forests in Wales

Best known for its rugged coastline, the Celtic Welsh language and the mountainous National Parks, Wales’ forests are among the best-kept secret. These magnificent forests and woodlands often pass under the radar for most visitors.

When visiting Wales, particularly in the autumn season, you should make a point of seeing the numerous shades of gold, green, and red most commonly found in North Wales. It’s a beautiful scene, which you must see to believe.

If you’re a forest lover or would like to give the experience of the woodlands a chance, here are some of the best forests Wales has to offer.

  1. Gwydir Forest Near Llanrwst, Conwy Valley

The Gwydir Forest boasts beautiful mountains and valley views. It has an intriguing history and an excellent atmosphere to match.

While here, look out for the Llwybr y Ceirw Sculpture trails, which is inspired by Wales’s real-life Robin Hood figure.

The forest is also host to the Marin Mountain bike trail, which is the perfect treat for mountain bike lovers and trail runners. You will find the Llyn Crafnant and the most beautiful beach in the woodland on the northern edge of the forest. The best time to visit is during autumn.

  1. The Blorenge

The Blorenge is littered with neglected beech trees that have created dramatic, Tolkienesque forms. The woodlands have a network of ancient paths, green lanes and holloways that weave through the pastures and woods in this hill that sits high above the Usk Valle.

Old Pollards and massive outgrown coppice stool that have remained uncut for over a century paint a grim picture of the unquenchable thirst for timber and charcoal in the south Wales iron industry.

  1. Newborough Forest

The Newborough Forest is located on the southern corner of Anglesey, a short distance from the Menai Bridge. The forest is brimming with pin and a colony of magnificent red squirrels. There are plenty of cycling and walking trails, not to mention the sandy beach which is the apex of your trip while here.

While walking along the beach, you can enjoy the heavenly pine scent. Be sure to visit Llanddwyn Island while here, one of the most romantic places on earth.

  1. Coed Felinrhyd

This woodland dates back to over 10,000 years to the last ice age. It’s a marvellous place to cosy up to nature and get away from the pressure of real life. The forest is overflowing with wildlife. You can watch the otters playing in the Prysor River, and you can expect to see plenty of waterfalls. The forest is also famed as the final resting play of the King of Dyfed, Pryderi.

  1. Coed Y Brenin

Enjoy the over 9,000 acres of beautiful forestry located in the Mawddach, Eden, and Wen river valleys. There are stunning views to the west across the rugged Rhinog mountains, and on the east, you can see the extinct volcano of Rhobell Fawr.

The forest is one of the few that has a visitor centre. It also has a shop where you can hire bikes to explore the breath-taking rugged bike trails.

For families, there are family walking trails, play areas and riverside picnic areas. In case you want to fill up, there’s a café.

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