Although the Gower Peninsula is small, it has plenty to offer. Beaches, a rugged coastline, ruins, coastal settlements and miles of dramatic walks are some of the things you can get to enjoy while here.

There are excellent walks in the region as well. If you’re looking for scenic, dramatic and sight-filled walks, these are some of the best walks for you in the Coastal Gower.

  1. Langland Bay to Caswell Bay

If it’s your first time in Gower, this should be the very first walk you take. It’s also an excellent option for novice walkers looking to take in the scenic views instead of a challenge.

The route is an easy two-mile route on the coastal side offering a surfaced path with plenty of stops along the way. The path stays close to civilisation boarded by Swansea. This path should give you a taste of what to expect while in the Coastal Gower region and also give you a good reason to keep coming back and sampling the other paths.

You can kickstart your walk with breakfast at the Surfside Café which has terraces overlooking the beach. Head south and west along the coastal path, past the golf course and towards the viewpoint where you can drink while enjoying the views of the Bristol Channel.

The path then waves its way to the tops of cliffs and on to the Caswell Bay. You can spend the rest of your day at the beach as you retrace your steps and recall all the beautiful sites you have seen.

  1. Port Eynon to Rhossili

This path is longer than the first one. It will take you about five hours to complete and is rated as easy and moderate. The highlights of the path are Overton Mere and mewslade Bay. It offers some of the most stuning costal views of the Gower.

It starts at Port Eynon Point. Most of the path is a cliff top walk which offers you outstanding scenery of the Gower Peninsula where walkers can enjoy.

From the busy little village of Port Eynon, this walk is promising right from the start. After a quick but steep climb to Port Eynon Point, you get a chance to see the craggy limestone cliffs that extend all the way to Overton Mere.

The path from Port Eynon Point is well marked with signposts. There are a few paths that branch off the main trail. These offer more rewarding views. However, they are eroded and exposed and a few are also marked as closed.

Along the way, you will get a chance to see the several bays and caves littered along this route. One such feature is the Long Hole Cave and the Paviland Cave. Near Rhossili, you will also get to see people coasteering.

At Rhossili, you will be greated by the stunning views of Rhossili Beach. The Worm Head Hotel is a great place for you to catch a few drinks and take in the view before heading back to Port Eynon.

  1. Three Cliffs

Three Cliffs is another simple, and short walk spanning only two and a half miles. But it brings you to one of Gower’s most photographed landmarks. It is a rich and diverse landscape that features sand marches, dunes, woodlands, dunes, an estuary and a deep-cut beach that changes shape with the tide.

The walk starts at the Heritage Centre. It proceeds down to the main road then turns left before crossing the road and taking the path down the side of a house. Not very far, you will come across a stunning bay. You can get the best views by using the stepping stones to cross to the beach west of Pennard Pill.

Your next stop is the estuary mouth, then you can proceed to Pobbles Beach. On the way here, you should have rounded the three cliffs. You next step is the Pennard Castle remains. From here, you can enjoy more views of the three cliffs, the estuary and bay. You could also settle down for a picnic lunch.

You can retrace your way back to the Heritage Centre using the pathway between the woodland and the golf path.

  1. Worm’s Head

This is a fun and short walk that will only take you two hours. It takes you to the tidal Island of Worm’s Head. It involves some rock hopping to get across the causeway and we recommend that you bring a pair of boots.

The walk starts at Rossili Village, through the guard station to double check the tide times then down from the headland into the Causeway over the slippery rocks.

The path offers superb views of Rossili Bay. It’s important to note that the outer headland is closed and inaccessible to walk because it is seabirds breeding season and they are protected.

  1. Woodlands and Dunes on Oxwich Bay

This four-mile walk offers views of the coastal woodland, a fairy tale church, country lanes, a stunning beach, a flora-rich dune system, castle ruins and clifftop views just to name a few.

It starts at the car park past the Oxwich Bay Hotel. In fine weather, the hotel has an immaculate garden where you can grab a cup of morning coffee. Shortly after the hotel, you will come across the Woodland Church which was founded in the sixth century.

The walk features some steep ascents and descents through the trees while leading you onto an open land at Oxwich Point. Take in some of the excellent views of the coast and sea. The walk will also take you to the soaring high walls of the crumbling ruin and then to the visitor centre where you can refill on your coffee.

  1. Llanrhidan to Cheriton Walk

You can take this walk as part of other walks. You can also decide to walk out the coastal section then include the inland diversion on the return. It features the Salt Marches, the Weobley Castle and the fortified manor which was built by the De la Bere family – the setwards to the lords of Gower.

  1. Whiteford Sands Loop

Compared to the other walks, this might not be the most exciting walk but it also has its highlights which include the expansive Whiteford sands and a curious lighthouse in the area.

The walk takes in you a 5-mile loop that you can complete in about three horus. It’s rated easy so you have nothing to worry about. There are no rocky cliffs on this part of Gower. Instead, you get to enjoy pine forests and views of the Loughor Estuary. On this walk, you will also get to walk along the beach which is one of the last steps of the walk before you start retracing your steps back to the parking field.

  1. Pwll Du Circular Walk

The Pwll Du Circular walk starts at the village of Southgate, following the Wales Cost path along towering cliffs towards and around Pwll du Head. From here, you descent to the peaceful beach at Pwll Du. It’s short track walk. From the beach, you can start retracing your steps back to the village.

  1. Bishopston Valley Walk

This walk allows you to experience the other side of Gower. The walk is mainly through the steep sided and wooded Bishopston Valley. As you go up, the valley becomes dry and the river disappears down a sinkhole. You could decide to extend the route via Caswell and Langland Bay for a more scenic view or you could head back at the back pool.

  1. Llanmadoc – Whiteford Burrows and Broughton Bay

This walk brings you to the north western corner of the Gower which has a different personality. Here sand dunes dominate the scenery. You will also get to enjoy the glorious sandy beaches and intestine tors in the area.

This is a short walk. It starts from Llanmadoc which is a fascinating point to start this great walk as you explore the Welsh Coastline.


The Gower is a diverse place offering varying scenery to lovers of mountain walking. These great walking paths are a great place to start. But you can find more as you explore the region.